What is a studio?

A studio is a place where musicians/artists can get together and record feelings, expressions, or create a product.

What is a studio supposed to provide?

A comfortable experience that allows for creativity to flow with the physical options available for success is the studio responsibility.

Do I need a studio?

Studios are for those that wish to concentrate more on being a musician/artist than being an engineer/producer.

What can D.O.W. do for me?

D.O.W. Studios began operation in 2001. Since then we have recorded dozens of artists. Some of these artists are available worldwide at various commercial outlets. We offer an “industry standard” digital recording/production environment that is competitive in both price and end result.

In audio recording we offer:

1. Unlimited tracks of digital recording with 32 simultaneous inputs (in other words the studio can accommodate a symphony orchestra if needed)
2. 24 bit recording for the best quality
3. Full automation and recall for the perfect mix and the easy remix or “mix-fix”
4. Video to audio sync for multimedia presentations
5. Remix existing product from analog, DA-78/88, ADAT, Pro-tools, or any other digital format.
6. Re-master or mastering from 2 track source (CD, DAT, analog reel)

Other than audio recording, D.O.W. Studios offers:

1. Product package layout (CD, DVD, VHS)
2. Website design and creation (hosting also available)
3. Music video or documentary filming, editing, and formatting. (locations, scenery, properties, costumes, additional crew, and actors are a separate charge…please contact us for details)
4. Corporate A/V presentations (MS Power-point, intelligent lighting, video projections)

D.O.W. is also affiliated with the following organizations:

1. International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees
2. Digital Video Broadcasters Society



$25 (USD) per hour with a four hour minimum per session. Session allows for access to all equipment in studio and engineer. If additional “out of house” equipment is needed charges may apply.

Lockout rates are $5000 (USD) per two weeks of sessions. One week equals; 7 (seven) 12 (twelve) hour sessions in a row without any other projects or artists being worked on.
Minimum 2 weeks for lockout rates. Lockouts can be used for any service.

Housing for artists is also available for an additional, but reasonable fee.

Anything over 2 months can be negotiated.


The studio is conveniently located in Seffner near Tampa with truck access to facility.
Food and/or additional lodging are also nearby.



Please contact:

D.O.W. Studios
11207 Hobart Ct
Seffner, FL



Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez   Engineer, Producer